Real Life Stories

Drug Use

TROUBLES BEGAN WHEN HE ADMITTED TO DRUG USE AND WAS BANNED FROM ENTERING THE U.S FOR LIFE!  Val (2nd from left) and his wife, Sining’s (2nd from right) American Dream was shattered when Val got a lifetime ban from entering the US because he admitted to drug use many years ago.  Val urged Sining to consult with the Law Offices ...
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Same Sex Marriage

ANOTHER “DEATH OF DOMA” SUCCESS STORY Benny (center) found love in Tom (right), after the most challenging experiences in life. After watching CITIZEN PINOY’s special episode on another LGBT couple’s successful marriage case, they consulted with leading US immigration attorney MICHAEL J. GURFINKEL, who paved the way for their union. As Tom’s spouse, Benny could be petitioned and get a ...
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