Our Mission

The Law Offices of Michael J. Gurfinkel, Inc. is one of the most respected and successful immigration law firms in America. We take pride that many of our cases are considered “miracle cases” that were “emergency” in nature, or were considered “too difficult” or “impossible” by other attorneys. Through hard work, determination, and years of experience in immigration, litigation, and negotiation, we have been fortunate to help thousands of people solve their immigration problems, be reunited with their families, and be able to live the “American Dream.”
We strive to get the best possible results for our clients as quickly as possible.
We accomplish this by:

Providing our clients with a dedicated team of knowledgeable lawyers, paralegals, and support staff, who fully understand our clients’ hopes, dreams and struggles, and will work hard for a favorable outcome.

Keeping our clients informed and updated on their case, and explaining each step we must take together as a team, to help achieve the best possible results.

Understanding every legal aspect and issue that pertain to our client’s case.

Appreciating the trust and faith our clients put in the Gurfinkel Legal team, and honoring it by being hardworking, honest, determined, and thorough with regard to every aspect of our client’s case.

Our philosophy is simple.

We Strive to Bring families Together
to Live the American Dream.

Our Promise

Many of our clients have come to United States to pursue their own “American Dream”, with the hopes of gaining more opportunity for themselves, their families, and especially for their children. Some have done so legally, and retain us to ensure that they have the best outcome for their case. Some have come to the US, and are here illegally, having sacrificed being with their families to pursue their American dream. Some have even taken many risks, and jeopardized their future in the US, by not understanding the US Immigration process and the consequences of their actions. Many feel they may never achieve their dream. Some may already be losing hope, and every day endure the pain, suffering and loneliness of being separated from their loved ones for many years.
Whatever the client’s situation, we know that what we do affects the most important things in our clients lives: their families and their future in the US.
Our job is not simply practicing immigration law;
it is helping our clients achieve their “American Dream.”

We will always put our client's interests first.

We are here to help our clients solve their immigration problems, not to judge them for their past mistakes, made out of desperation and misunderstanding of immigrations laws and eligibility for immigration benefits.

We always have compassion for our client's situation, and will strive to bring about the best possible solutions and results for our clients' mistakes

We will guide and inform our clients as to the best and most effective path to resolve their immigration problems and situation.