• Court-Ordered Green Card
    Court-Ordered Green Card

    Michael (left) aged out before his green card was approved. Unfortunately, the INS did not expedite the case despite the...

  • Battered-Spouse Green Card
    Battered-Spouse Green Card

    Lance arrived in the U.S. in 2017 and married his U.S. citizen wife. The wife petitioned Lance for his green...

  • Terminated Case Gets Reinstated
    Terminated Case Gets Reinstated

    After Nanay Pilar (center) petitioned her son, Joseph (left), in 2007, it took some 11 years until his F-2B petition...

  • Aged-Out Daughter Gets Visa Approval Through CSPA
    Aged-Out Daughter Gets Visa Approval Through CSPA

    The U.S. Embassy cancelled the interview for Alyssa, the daughter of U.S. citizen Marivic, after Alyssa aged-out in August 2019....

  • Do It Yourself Immigration Disasters
    Do It Yourself Immigration Disasters

    Upon the urging of Mommy Eva (center), Kristan (left) tried to obtain his green card by filing all paperwork on...

  • Visitor Visa for Reporter's Family Emergency
    Visitor Visa for Reporter’s Family Emergency

    Don Tagala (left), ABS-CBN news correspondent for North America, needed a visitor’s visa for his mother so she could come...

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