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The P Visa Umbrella


The P visa is issued to foreign national artists, entertainers, and athletes who enter the U.S. to perform, coach, or compete. This short-term work visa allows these professionals and their essential personnel to stay in the U.S. for a season, tour, or event.


The P visa umbrella includes the P-1, P-2, and P-3 visa classifications. Group entertainers and athletes obtain the P-1 visa classification. P-2 and P-3 visas are available to those part of a reciprocal exchange program and culturally unique programs, respectively.


The P-1 visa is not available to individual entertainers — only to entertainment groups with an international reputation.


In addition, the P visa is a non-immigrant visa, which means the visa holder is only allowed to work in the U.S. for a specific period. If you intend to work in the U.S. permanently or indefinitely, please speak with our lawyers to identify the right visa for you.

P-1 Visa

The P-1 visa is available to foreign national athletes, athletic teams, and entertainment groups who will enter the U.S. for a specific performance, competition, or event.


P-1A Visa

The P-1A visa is issued to athletes who will join a specific athletic competition. It is also available to professional or amateur athletes entering the U.S. only to join a specific theatrical ice skating tour or production.


The P-1A visa applies to:


  • Individual athletes with an internationally recognized level of performance
  • Members of a group or team with an internationally recognized level of performance
  • Professional athletes
  • Athletes or coaches of a sports franchise in the U.S. and a member of a foreign league or association


The spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old may apply for a visa (P-4).


P-1B Visa

The P-1B visa classification is issued to entertainment groups entering the U.S. to join an event or performance. This also includes their essential support personnel.


The entertainment group must be established for at least a year before entering the U.S. Additionally, the entertainment group must be internationally recognized with a high level of achievement.

P-2 Visa

The P-2 visa classification is for artists and entertainers, either individual or part of a group, who enter the U.S. for a reciprocal exchange program. Their essential support personnel also apply for a P-2 visa.


The said program must be government-recognized and involve an organization in another country and an organization in the U.S. Currently, there are five (5) reciprocal exchange programs that fall under the P-2 visa.


  • The Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) and the Screen Actor Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)
  • Actor’s Equity Association (U.S.) and the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association
  • The American Federation of Musicians (U.S.) and the American Federation of Musicians (Canada)
  • The International Council of Air Shows and the Canadian Air Show Association
  • Actor’s Equity Association (U.S.) and the British Actors’ Equity Association


If you are part of a reciprocal agreement other than these five programs, the USCIS then reviews that agreement to see if it complies with regulatory standards.


The spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old of P-2 visa holders may apply for P-4 to accompany them to the U.S.


P-3 Visa

The P-3 visa is issued to entertainers or artists who will perform or coach other artists and entertainers in a program that is considered culturally unique. The said program may be commercial or non-commercial.


Culturally unique programs are those that aim to develop, interpret, or teach unique or traditional performances. These may be under ethnic, folk, musical, or theatrical art forms.


As with the P-2 visa, spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old may apply for P-4 visas.

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