Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule an IN-PERSON or PHONE Consultation?

All Consultations are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. To schedule:
In the United States: (866) 487-3465 (Toll Free)
In the Philippines: (02) 8894-0258 or (02) 8894-0239
Worldwide: 1 (818) 543-5800

Do I need to fill out any forms or bring any documents with me for my (phone or in-person) consultation?

Yes. Prior to your consultation, you must fill out the Initial Intake Questionnaire which you must submit along with copies of immigration documents such as petitions, approvals, denials, notices, court decisions, passports, I-94’s, etc. that may have bearing on your case.
Click here to download Initial Intake Questionnaire


IN-PERSON – Bring the filled out Initial Intake Questionnaire and immigration documents with you on the day of your consultation.
PHONE – Mail, scan, or fax to our office:


219 North Brand Blvd.
Glendale CA, 91203
FAX: 818-630-4997


Unit 701, Heart Tower Condo.,
108 Valero St., Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati City
FAX: (02) 8893-2577

Are there any charges for the consultation?

The charge for the consultation within the US. (whether In-person or Phone Consultation) is $300. Outside of US is $320.


Fees can be paid in Cash, Money Order, Cashier’s/Manager’s Check, Zelle, or thru Online Payment (Credit/Debit Card).  NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED.


Click here to pay online
(For any type of consultation, even in person)


NOTE: In the Philippines, we only offer Phone Consultation.


Payment thru your relative/s in the U.S.
Your relative/s in the U.S. can pay on your behalf. Advise them to contact our office in L.A. to pay the consultation fee.

What should I do prior to my scheduled In-Person Consultation?
  1. Please bring the fully completed Intake Questionnaire together with all documents relating to your immigration problem, such as passports, 1-94’s, notices, denials, approvals, documents, court decisions, etc.
  2. Pay the fee ( No Personal Checks Accepted ).
  3. Please try to arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment.
What is the process for a phone consultation?

After we receive your payment and the completed Intake Questionnaire, our office will inform you of your consultation schedule (date/day/time). Note: If there are any questions left blank , we would need to RETURN your questionnaire.


All our lawyers are based in the U.S. One of our attorneys will speak with you in connection with your consultation (either Atty. Michael J. Gurfinkel or one of his associate lawyers). Even though it may not be Atty. Gurfinkel who will speak with you, it is still Atty. Gurfinkel who supervises the case and oversees case strategy.

If I have just one simple question, do I really need to go through entire Questionnaire and regular consultation?

Every person should fill out the Questionnaire completely and follow our normal consultation procedures. Many people believe that all they have is “one quick question”, but the answer may not be that simple. One question leads to several more questions. A simple question may require a complex answer, or a thorough analysis of the person’s entire immigration history and background.


There may be additional facts in a person’s case (i.e. past misrepresentations, previous denials, questionable or fraudulent records or documents, etc.), all of which would affect a person’s case, and the ultimate advice and answer.

If I have additional questions or problems after my consultation, can I have another consultation without having to pay again?

This is a one-time consultation, and is limited to the specific questions or problem for the person who is seeking our advice. If there are new or additional problems or issues, or future changes or differences in law or fact, a new consultation (and a new consultation fee) would be required.

Can I bring along my friends and relatives during my consultation so that they can also ask about their case?

The consultation is limited to one person’s problems. If another person has a case, questions, or problems, he would need to fill out his own questionnaire and pay his own separate consultation fee.

If I decide to retain your services, how much are the legal fees for my case?

The fees charged by our law office depend on the nature, complexity, and extent of the services to be provided, which are determined on a case-by-case basis. Our pricing department will discuss with the client the fees to be charged.

If I retain your services, can you guarantee success?

By law, an attorney cannot “guarantee” results. While we can advise you about the risks, benefits, and chances for success, no prediction, warranty or guarantee can be made about the success of any case. Our opinion, testimonial, endorsement, etc., do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. However, we will assure you that if we handle your case, we will fight for all the immigration benefits to which you are legitimately and legally entitled.

Can you help me obtain a visitor's visa?

Our office does not handle cases or represent people in connection with obtaining a visitor’s visa.