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Deportation/Removal Lawyers

The Law Offices of Michael J. Gurfinkel, Inc. has earned a reputation for taking on deportation/removal cases that seem hopeless and have been denied or turned down by other immigration attorneys. Our deportation lawyers will help you keep alive the “American Dream” you have worked hard for and the life you have built in the U.S.

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Deportation/Removal Proceedings


Our deportation defense attorneys will provide vigorous representation in Immigration Court and exert every effort to build strong, legal arguments for your being able to remain in the U.S.


Common grounds for deportation or removal include unlawful entry, fraud, fixed marriage, a criminal conviction, status violations, etc. Depending on your case, our lawyers may explore different strategies and options for a favorable outcome, which include:


  • Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents
  • Cancellation of Removal for Green Card Holders
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Waivers


Our immigration lawyers will explain every step of your deportation or removal defense strategy, the requirements for you or your loved ones to acquire lawful status, be granted cancellation of removal, etc. We are with you from start to finish.

Choose the Attorney of Last Hope!

Many deportation/removal cases at The Law Offices of Michael J. Gurfinkel, Inc. were considered too difficult or downright impossible by other lawyers. However, through our legal team’s dedication, expertise, and compassionate services, we were able to resolve many “miracle cases” for our clients.


Atty. Michael J. Gurfinkel has earned the moniker “Attorney of Last Hope”, because clients come to us after consulting other lawyers who told them that nothing more could be done. They also consult us after receiving denials from other institutions.


While we cannot guarantee success, our lawyers do their best to build a strong defense against deportation/removal. Your case will be reviewed by experienced immigration attorneys, who will explain your legal options in detail.


  • Dependable Team. You will work with a dedicated team of lawyers, paralegals, and support staff who understand the daunting stress of deportation/removal
  • Extensive Legal Support. We will review your case thoroughly and check all legal aspects.
  • Excellent Client Service. You will receive regular updates about your case, so you are informed of important developments.


Compassion for Your Situation

We are compassionate legal practitioners who understand that some individuals may have committed errors or misunderstood immigration policies and laws. We’re not here to judge our clients’ past mistakes; instead, we are here to find solutions for their problems.


Preparing for Consultation about Deportation/Removal

Our immigration law firm entertains consultations by appointment to ensure that our deportation lawyers give each client proper attention.


Before your consultation, please download our Initial Intake Questionnaire, fill it out completely, and email it to or fax to 1-818-630-4997. This will help our deportation attorneys review your case.


For more information about our consultations, please visit our FAQs page.

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