Titanic problems

Titanic problems

Almost every Filipino has seen the movie Titanic, the story of Jack and Rose who sailed that doomed ship, which hit an iceberg and sank.

During consultations, I sometimes compare the person’s immigration situation to sailing on the Titanic. What do I mean by that? If a person wants to buy a ticket on the Titanic, I want to tell them about all of the possible “icebergs” they may encounter. In the same way, if a person wants to pursue a particular immigration benefit, I think it is important that they be advised of all the possible issues, problems, dangers, and the like (icebergs), in addition to being told of the requirements and chances.

I know this approach is counter – productive for business. I probably could have more sign ups if I focus solely on the positive, and downplay the negative. But all of these Filipinos appreciate my approach. They relate how when they went to consultants or others with their situation, and no matter how serious the case, they were told their case is “no problem,” that they have a 95% chance of success, etc., and were asked to immediately sign the retainer. But they felt the person was more interested in getting the sign up and down payment than in giving them a realistic assessment of their situation.

In fact, I have turned down many cases, where I really felt the chances were slim, or the risks too great. But I think I owe it to the person to point out the “icebergs”, rather than telling them it’s going to be smooth sailing, when I already know they’re going to encounter problems, issues, or icebergs. And after pointing out those issues, they can make an informed decision to go forward, or wait for new developments in immigration laws.

And I want to be clear I am not “guaranteeing” success or approval on any person’s case, even a case that seemingly has no icebergs. But I do believe it is important for a person to fully understand all aspects of their case and situation, not just the positive, but also the negative, so they can determine whether or not to proceed, and how to possibly deal with and avoid the icebergs.

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