Telephone Consultation

You may pay the consultation fee via credit card or money order.
Please download the questionnaire below for you to fill out, by which you would set forth and describe the nature of your questions or problems. Upon our receipt of the payment and questionnaire, we will contact you as soon as possible for your telephonic consultation schedule.

One of our attorneys will call you for your consultation (either Michael J. Gurfinkel or another attorney from our office). Even though it might not be Atty.Gurfinkel who will call you back, it is still Atty. Gurfinkel who supervises the cases and oversees case strategy.

Please do not send us the originals of your documents, as they will not be returned to you. Send us photocopies, unless we specifically request for the original. You should always retain a copy for yourself (i.e. do not send your only copy of any document).