Legal Status: A wonderful Christmas gift for your family

Legal Status: A wonderful Christmas gift for your family

An important part of Christmas is buying gifts for loved ones.  Filipinos are busy filling their balikbayan boxes with pasalubong, to send to their families “back home.”  The pasalubong may consist of clothes, food items, electronics, or other useful items, given as a way of “sharing one’s blessings.”

However, many Filipinos forget about what could be the most important “gift” for their family members:  legalizing their status, or finding a way for their family members to immigrate to the U.S. and be reunited, under the same roof, not only during Christmas, but all year round.  I know that some people have been separated from their family members for many years, because they have not done anything about their immigration situation.  Yet if you ask the family members back home, they probably believe that nothing that could be bought in any store would mean as much as the family being together.

If you have not yet done anything about your immigration situation, and are spending yet another lonely Christmas in the U.S., maybe now is the right time to switch your spending priorities – from the usual balikbayan box items to the real gift a family wants – being together in the U.S.  Or at least make a New Year’s resolution to finally take steps to either legalize your status and/or bring your family to America.

On behalf of myself and my law office, Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!

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